At Kamreno, we’re more than just a fair-paying employer; we’re guided by a ‘people-first’ culture, prioritizing the well-being of our team and fostering powerful social impact initiatives. Our HECTOR & FRIENDS project exemplifies our commitment to giving back to the community. This initiative encompasses various areas, including out-of-school education, empathy development, and charity activities, all aimed at enriching the lives of young individuals.
Under the ‘Hector & Friends’ banner, we’ve proudly published a series of educational books. Our dedication to making a positive impact has been recognised by prestigious awards, including the University of Warsaw’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the 2022 Social Entrepreneur category, and a finalist position in the BOLD Awards III in the 2022 Crowdfunding Projects category. 

If your foundation or charity is seeking support, we’re here to help. We can create branded editions of the ‘Hector & Friends’ book series to raise funds for your cause. We only request assistance in covering production costs, with 100% of the profits directed to your foundation. Additionally, we’ll prominently feature your foundation on our homepage to further amplify your mission.”


We organise workshops in schools







We believe that developing empathy, curiosity for reading and open minded thinking from the youngest age is very important. We partner with Westminster Children’s University in mentoring program. Additionally to this we organise workshops for children: 

1) Empathy Building with Animals

2) Diversity of cultures, contemporary problems, and threats

3) Creative writing 

Please ask us for details or drop email: contact@hectorandfriends.com



The author facilitated the Ukrainian translation of her debut book, ‘Hector, A Dog’s Story’ (Ukr. Hektor, Sobacha Istoriya), in a remarkable three-month timeframe. Her heartfelt mission led her to distribute 1,300 copies of the book to the youngest Ukrainian children as a heartfelt gift in celebration of Children’s Day. These books found their way to the eager hands of children through partnering organizations dedicated to child welfare, including the 4Ukraine Association, Rodina Ukrainian School in London, Prague Association ‘See the Heart,’ Bookmark Reading Foundation, and many more.

The publication of these books was made possible by a dedicated fundraising effort organized by the author herself. The endeavor received vital support from the Polish Bookstore, the Polish School at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris (based in Lille), and the Women’s Business Link (WBL) organization.

The translation of the book into Ukrainian was a collaborative effort, involving four talented translators – Olga Yershova, Yulia Yukhymets, Justyna Wit, and Wiktoria Dovhaliuk – along with the Ukrainian editor, Olena Bondarenko. Their shared vision was to promote the Ukrainian language and culture through this wonderful book.

We extend an open invitation to organizations, institutions, and companies who share our dream. If you’re interested in purchasing copies of the book to brighten the lives of more children, please reach out to us. Our aspiration is for ‘Hector, A Dog’s Story,’ to reach as many Ukrainian children worldwide as possible and bring smiles to their faces.

Please ask for details: contact@hectorandfriends.com



At Kamreno, we’re a 100% green and remote company. Our team works from home using online tools. While we prioritize online meetings and ‘no print’ policies, we’re always open to in-person interactions.
We’re committed to sustainability. Our policy: online meetings only, ‘no print’ approach. Client materials are shared electronically, reducing waste. Files securely stored online for project lifespan
When it comes to publishing, we prioritize sustainability. Our books are printed in an environmentally-conscious manner, partnering with a European small printing house for small print runs to minimize environmental impact and storage costs. In addition, we actively encourage our clients to opt for sustainable merchandising solutions.
We partner with organizations sharing our values: environmental responsibility, ethics, and positive environmental impact and are beginning a collaboration with the United Nations.