CTAs – The difference between a follower and a client

Kamreno | CTAs - The difference between a follower and a client

No matter your sales strategy, marketing efforts or advertising medium, all of these viable avenues lead you to the same goal: an action. 

The reality is that your business, its conversion rates, profits and overall revenue ultimately rely on your ability to persuade your audience to take action. And there is no better way to activate this movement than with a compelling Call to Action (CTA).

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking: how can a few words be the determining factor between a conversion and a lead?

Well, it is based on the fact that your CTA serves as an effective transition between the various phases of your buyer’s journey. This is where your company ultimately persuades your potential customers to pursue an action like heading to your website, subscribing to your newsletter or following your page.

However, there is more to a CTA than typing “Click here”. To help amp up your marketing initiatives, our Kamreno team have compiled the most powerful guideline to CTA’s that will become foundational in the success of your company.

Kamreno | CTAs - The difference between a follower and a client

The three CTAs that need to be mastered

Social Engagement

Your ability to stand out from the social noise is fully dependent on how reactive and responsive your audience is. Brands that are able to effectively drive engagement towards their posts are the ones that are reaping exceptional benefits.

It is important to note that your audience looks to you to tell them how to go about executing an action. This means encouraging (and outwardly telling) them to follow, like, share, subscribe or even comment.

Focusing on social engagement CTAs will help broaden your company’s reach, meaning that your profile will be favored by social media algorithms.

Example: Save this post for later as a little reminder!


This form of action is admittedly a little harder to achieve, however it garners great results. Getting your audience to click from your campaign, profile or advert onto another page is an exceptional move.

This means encouraging your audience to neglect whatever action they had previously been doing in favour of exploring your company and its offering!

Example: Feast your eyes on an exclusive sneak peek of our latest release.

Sign Ups

Intentionally placing a sign-up related CTA will lead individuals to your checkout page and subsequently fuel conversion and sales. Your intention with this “Buy Now” format is to encourage individuals to actually invest in your product or service.

The secret to nailing this type of CTA is making use of smart action-based language. It is also about making an offer that either remedy a pain point, allows people to enjoy a limited edition offering or access exclusive products or services.

Example: Head over to the checkout page to receive your personalised discount code for signing up!

Lead Generation

In many ways, this call to action is relatively self-explanatory. The aim here is to secure as many viable leads as possible. Ushering in these kinds of movements from your audience means prompting them to either sign up for an event, request a quote or share qualifying information.

It is in their consented sharing of information, time and energy that you open the gateway to financially yielding leads.

Example: If you would like to receive a tailored quote, feel free to click the link!

Looking at CTAs in Action

The reality is that perfecting the art of a call to action is rooted in a lot of trial and error, which of course is both time and money consuming. So, to help you drive customer actions across all of your channels, here are a few that continue to ace our marketing and A/B testing.

“Make this app yours”

The reason why this specific CTA works so well is that it lacks a generic approach to getting customers to download an app. It is written with your customer in mind.

Adding a new app to someone’s home screen can seem like an invasive request. Adding a sense of personalisation like “claiming” the app allows potential customers to feel catered to.

“Open the door to greatness”

The secret to a great CTA is balancing intrigue with clarity. Admittedly, this can be a tough balance to strike, but when you do get it, just know that you have struck gold.

This CTA offers a little more mystery around what may lie behind the CTA button, which in turn signals transmitters in the brain that encourage your audience to find out more! It also promotes a much-needed sense of urgency.

“Let’s get you started”

By employing this soft CTA, you are not only encouraging potential customers to submit a form but allowing them to feel as if they are a part of something. It implies a certain level of help and support throughout their journey with your company too.

The idea that they will not be alone, neglected or sent a ‘copied and pasted’ generic message makes your customers feel supported, which in turn works in your favour.

Kamreno and CTAs

It is completely understandable why companies regurgitate the same CTAs on all of their respective platforms. It’s easy and requires very little effort. However, your inability to revamp your company’s CTAs are what could be holding you back from a number of leads.

Our team exclusively offers you assistance with your conversion rates and effective call to action writing. The aim here however is not to merely give you a list of CTAs, but to rather craft personalised sentences that reflect your company and initiate actions from your audience.

These CTAs will then undergo relevant industry testing, A/B testing and language processing to ensure that your CTAs don’t only exist – but WORK.  

Once the highly incentivised calls to cation have been created, we will strategically reword and readjust them to suit the respective platforms where they will be house. This includes website landing pages, Instagram reels and everything in between.

We do this because, at the end of the day, your company’s CTAs are not about putting words on a screen but about putting ideas into people’s heads and actions in their hands!

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