How can a marketing agency help self-publishers?

Kamreno | How can a marketing agency help self-publishers?

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the internet completely revolutionise several major industries. One of which has been the publishing landscape. The nuances, competitive advantages and barriers to entry have all significantly changed. The current digital age has infiltrated self-publishing as we once knew it and it’s time that you level up your game before hitting “publish”!

The great decision

From the moment you decide to publish a book, you have a major decision to make:

1.       Partner up with a large publishing company that will publish the book for you

2.       Strike out on your own and going the self-publishing route

Regardless of whichever way you decide to explore, you cannot deny the reality that you are about to enter an oversaturated industry. Especially given the fact that the internet has opened up several new possibilities for authors. For example, authors can now start selling their content on Amazon. This has increased your competition tenfold. As it goes, the more crowded the space, the greater the competition.

Kamreno | How can a marketing agency help self-publishers?

The role of a marketing company

Given the digitization of every industry, we have to realise that your intended audience will now hail from various places. The best sales tactic, which has been perfected by exceptional digital marketing agencies, has been the art of selling both the book AND its author.

Readers are more inclined to purchase a book if they feel a certain bond or connection to the person behind it. By improving an author’s image, you are making it significantly easier for future books to be written and sold. This is ultimately the first step in not only becoming a self-published author but a brand. Once you are a brand, selling books is the easiest thing in the world.

How a marketing agency will help authors vs. big publishing houses

Reputation management

The role of a major publishing company is to market your book, meaning that their focus and resources are hyper focused on your book itself. Rarely do they handle the job of ensuring and maintain your public image. What narratives are being written about you? How much does the public know about you? Do they like what they see? By leaning on the expertise and industry connections of a marketing agency you are able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your agency is maintaining and upholding a high standard for you in the public eye.

Book marketing agencies have a plethora of experience in this field. They will be able to position you in a way that not only makes you more approachable but helps you sell more books! They have the blueprint for what works and what doesn’t, meaning you will gain results a lot quicker and more efficiently. They will also become your greatest mediator between you and your readers.

Masters of the internet

No one knows how to dominate the digital landscape like a marketing company. This will be your greatest asset as this is the future of selling. We cannot deny that most people engage with the internet on a daily basis. This means that you are being given several opportunities to target your desired audience. Your greatest and most successful marketing strategy will be the one that takes place over the internet.

As a self-publisher, you can now hand over the reins to your marketing agency to help you establish your mark on the digital landscape… An offering that has yet to be mastered by many publishing houses. You do not want to only exist digitally; you want to thrive in this space and marketing companies have the ability to ensure that. Better yet, they will help snowball your future writing career too.


When you sign up with a major publishing company, you run the risk of getting swept up in the crowd. With numerous books under their publishing name, it’s easy to miss out on the personalization that you require. You are also expected to follow their protocols in terms of your marketing strategy.

Using a digital marketing agency will allow you to remain at the forefront of your own advertising. Instead of being dictated at, you will be allowed to steer the ship! Marketing agents do not work from on templates and production line scaling. Instead, you are offered personal care and custom services. Better yet, marketing agencies will offer you substantially lower costs & customisation – advising on the most effective solutions that keep your available budget top of mind!


With a marketing agency, the aim is not only to get your book published, but the aim is also to make you a success and the only way to do that is to involve you throughout the entire process. Agencies will therefore ensure that your relationship is based on open communication and holistic partnerships.

Digital marketing experts that specialise in publishing will be able to provide all services, guidance and marketing activities required, to enable self-published authors to market and launch their work with the professionalism and ‘look and feel’ of a major publishing house. Whether you are working on an e-book or hardback, they are there to assist you on your journey.

The main takeaway

One quick glance at the publishing industry will reveal that in order to effectively and successfully get your book out there you will need to replace more traditional publishing companies with more innovative marketing agencies.

By relying on a marketing team, you will reap the benefits of exceptional publishing strategies and become a formidable force in your industry. Let’s map out your publishing strategy, together. Simply tap here to get in contact with our publishing division as they are more than ready to help drive the success of your book!

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