What is naming & tagline?

The creation of a new name for a company or its product involves a process of clever analysis and creative work. The aim is to generate a neologism or phrase which, while fulfilling the role assigned to it, has the least restrictions on its potential for use. A well-designed name helps a company to stand out in the marketplace, making it easier to evoke the desired associations and emotions in customers when they see the brand name.

the process of creating naming

Analysis and brief development

Before starting the project, we perform a marketing analysis and research of the environment. We get to know the company and its brand philosophy, the competition and the communication environment.

Preparation of a name selection list

Copywriters prepare independent proposals of various names that meet the requirements of the brief. Marketing analysts assess each of them for compatibility with the brand identity concept, assigning them a scoring grade. The names with the highest scores make the list for verification.

Verification of name

Research (Internet) into the potential use of the name in various fields of exploitation.

  • Whether and to what extent a neologism (a new word or phrase) appears on websites in titles and descriptions indexed by Google in particular country or region.
  • Availability of free domains for the name
  • Whether the name appears in the database of any Patent Office
  • Checking the database of the European Intellectual Property Office for possible conflicts with already registered names in the class of the main business profile in the Nice Classification
  • Verification for negative connotations in the 24 official languages of the EU
Quantitative surveys

A questionnaire is conducted among cooperating respondents (a group of approximately 50 people), in which each name is rated. The statistics identify the names with the best ratings (mean, ranking) and those which evoke the least extreme opinions (standard deviation). A final selection of name proposals is made.


The package and development time depends on the market for which the name is to be developed and research carried out. Take advantage of a free consultation with a specialist and get a quick quote.

80 Hours Package

  • Analysis/Workshop
  • Development of a copywriting brief
  • Selection list
  • Verification of proposals
  • Quantitative research on preferences
  • Name availability: Europe

120 Hours Package

  • Analysis/Workshop
  • Development of a copywriting brief
  • Selection list
  • Verification of proposals
  • Quantitative research on preferences
  • Name availability: worldwide

WHAT THE logo design process looks like?


Do you need a logo for your company, and do you want it to stand out in the market?
Our advertising agency is a team of experienced specialists who will help you create not only the external attributes of branding, but also a functional website or advertising materials to support your sales processes.


A logo covers the entirety of a brand’s identification. It consists of a graphic sign (signet) and a stylised text message, e.g. the name of the company (logotype). Together they create a coherent visual communication of the brand name. Each of these elements has different functions.

There are cases when a logo consists only of a signet or only of a logotype. Sometimes a complete logo includes a signet, logotype and claim (an advertising slogan “pinned” to the company name).


Wordmark is a logo, but not every logo is a wordmark. The wordmarks are text-based logos. Logotypes are just uniquely styled text logos that spell out the company or brand name in a characteristic typeface. A logomark is a logo centered around a symbolic image or icon. The general term logo refers to all marks that represent a brand. A trademark can be any word, phrase, symbol, design, or a combination of these things that identifies your goods or services. 


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