Why every company (despite THEIR size) needs a marketing strategy?

Marketing strategy is important because it defines how you communicate your value to others. You can give your marketing strategy document to anyone: colleagues, marketing agencies, contractors, salespeople, etc. and they will know exactly who you are, what you do, and why you do it. We help companies discover their USPs and build brand strategies that propel commercial results by increasing engagement and interactions with their target audience. We deliver brand positioning wireframe documents with clear marketing plans including market analysis, competitors, communication strategy, brand philosophy, attributes, key messaging, marketing mix etc.

What you can expect from us?

The marketing strategy developed by Kamreno is a full and comprehensive plan, leading the company step by step to their objectives: business, marketing, communication, media. Every company should have a strategy, regardless of whether it’s a well-known brand or a startup that just wants to be known. There’s a misconception that strategies are only for large companies, despite the reality that a well-built strategy can offer rapid, and the highest level of potential growth for small and medium-sized companies.

How looks the process?

Online workshop with client

We start our cooperation with an online workshop, during which we get to know the company and its products or services. We discuss the market and competition, marketing challenges and goals. Creating a strategy requires close cooperation between the client and the agency, which is why numerous consultations and additional workshop meetings are held to develop the strategy.

Analyses and audits

Professional marketing is largely based on analysis, research and audits. The starting point is to understand the market, the competition and how the company compares. All this is done to develop a strategy that takes advantage of competition weaknesses, while demonstrating the unique value of the company’s services/products to customers.

We often suggest how to use additional tools and tactics that help the company stand out to stay ahead of the competition. The type and scope of analysis or audits are adapted to the company and its unique objectives. Strategy development may include, for example:

– Analysis of competitors’ marketing communication
– SWOT analysis
– Audit of visual and marketing communication of the company
– Audit of websites

Setting goals

The next step on the road to market success is to define the objectives we want to achieve. Business, marketing and communication objectives must all be adapted to the needs and capabilities of the company and a well-thought-out and well-developed strategic plan will lead the company to achieving its goals, while automating sales and marketing processes. We plan goals using the S.M.A.R.T. model

Market positioning strategy

Having established what distinguishes us from the competition, what the current situation on the market is, and what goals we want to achieve, we move on to the market positioning strategy for the brand. This is about defining what position the brand should have in the mind of the customer, as well as what it should be associated with, and what beliefs and image it should have.

At this stage, we plan the strategic positioning of the brand and how it will be perceived in the market. We develop guidelines for use in the creation of the company’s communication, e.g. to make the product/service stand out. We adopt a goal-oriented focus when it comes to brand communication tactics.

Activities performed at this stage:

  • Discussion of marketing-mix assumptions (7Ps – product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, processes)
  • Segmentation (defining existing target groups)
  • Targeting (specifying which target groups we care most about and what their special characteristics are)
  • Development of proto-personas (definition of who the model customers are)
    USP / BVP (defining the distinctive characteristics of the brand that will attract customers)
  • Customer Journey Map (map of customer interactions with the brand)
    At this stage, we also help to select tools and plan procedures for salespeople, as well as set up sales funnels in a drive to improve effectiveness through automation. A good sales funnel uses automation and is one that’s consistent, predictable and provides a constant flow of new customers/orders
Strategic plan

The final stage of strategy development is to draw up an action plan that will guide the company to achieve its objectives within a specific time period using specific activities, tools and promotions. The strategic plan is like a map, leading step by step to the goal in the shortest possible time, using the most cost-effective resources necessary for plan implementation.

At this stage, the scope of the order for strategy development ends, and it’s the client who decides whether to implement the strategy independently or with the help of an agency.


For your company, we will develop a strategy leading to market success. Find out what can be achieved through an effective strategy. Make an appointment for a free consultation with us and get a quick quote. 

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