Transforming your customers into micro-influencers

Kamreno | Transforming your customers into micro-influencers

2021 is already proving to be a year like no other.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed our digital economy thrust into chaos. Market trends changed, companies were left scrambled, and marketers watched as their greatest resources disappeared.

And yet, it wasn’t all doom and gloom.

Even in the midst of an evolving marketing landscape, the facts remained the same. It didn’t matter how big of a player your company was in our digital playground, or how your business was choosing to navigate “the new normal”, we were all clinging onto the same lifeline: our customers.

A neglected business practice

Being at the forefront of our industry has allowed our company to not only operate in this space but ultimately help dictate corporate survivalist strategies during this time. And all of our market-related research, tests and estimations drew us back to the same conclusion.

The resounding reality is that the most successful companies in the world are the ones that recognise the importance of a holistic customer approach. And yet, global statistics prove that many companies are failing to adopt this strategy.

What many businesses fail to understand is that once a potential customer becomes a paying client, their journey with your brand isn’t over … and neither is your job! The work actually starts here.

Kamreno | Transforming your customers into micro-influencers

Leveraging the power of your greatest asset

The secret to true success lies in your company’s ability to transform your customers into exceptional micro-influencers. Each and every day you want to know that outside of your company’s own internal marketing strategies, you have numerous customers advocating for your brand.

Understanding that your customers are more inclined to trust other people over a corporate organisation means that you have officially unlocked the marketing sweet spot. Remember that your target audience will always remain sceptical of advertising and marketing ploys, which means you need to access the cheapest and most effective publicity outlet have: your customers.

Now, it is also important to note that while word of mouth continues to reap great ROIs, there are two sides to every coin. In the same way that people will openly promote your company, they will also openly condemn your business.

Statistically, 60% of consumers choose to share a bad experience with others – and they will tell 3x as many people – compared to only 46% of customers who share their great experiences.

It is for this reason that we see review sites like Hello Peter and Yelp continuously draw in massive engagement. This means that your company needs to ensure stellar customer interactions to get ahead of the narrative.

Once the word is out it can’t be taken back. As the popular saying goes, you cannot manage what you don’t measure. Prioritize keeping every single prospect and customer happy and you ultimately begin your exceptional CX journey.

Remember that they are not only purchasing your product or service but investing in your business, and the mutually beneficial relationship that you will share.

That being said, this article would be incomplete without helping your organisation establish how it can turn customers into ambassadors of your brand.

1.    Focus on your client

This point may seem redundant but remaining hyper-focused on your customers requires incredible dedication. All of your products, services and campaigns are ultimately targeted at resolving a pain point for your customer.

Given the fact that they are at the centre of all of your marketing efforts, make sure to leverage them as an asset. Let your audience dictate how you play, engage, sell and market. Don’t speak AT your target audience, speak TO them.

2.    Amp up your customer engagement

We cannot stress how important human interactions and social support are in your business. Allowing your prospects to witness your dedication to their wellbeing will launch your company ahead of many of your direct competition.

Actively participating in their journey with your brand will also increase their interest and willingness to engage. Your audience instantly notices when they are being addressed first as people as opposed to a mere potential customer. Again, there are humans behind your company – let them shine through.

3.    Create dynamic digital content

Also referred to as adaptive content, this style puts personalisation at the forefront of all of your digital efforts. The days of generic and copy and pasted content are over. From your calls to action, digital ads, email campaigns and social media posts, authenticity is king!

People want to feel catered to, seen and understood, which is why they are more likely to part with their money when they feel that they genuinely matter to a company. When they experience a personalised and customized interaction with you, they feel as if they are people who are a part of an elite club.

Consider the differences between how you engage with an existing customer and a prospect. Your strategy and approach cannot be the same! How are you using dynamic CTAs, texts and personal content to satisfy their individual needs?

4.    Become a problem solver

If you truly want to shock and delight your customers, you will need to anticipate their needs, problems and their desired solution. Yes, your entrepreneurial approach means pushing your product or service, but it is equally important that you establish HOW you market your company.

Your offering should not be seen as a short-term gain, but rather a long-term solution to a common issue. Educate your clients on how your company addresses their specific pain point through consistent recommendations, various tools and applications as well as high-quality solutions.

Introducing how you can fulfil their goals, needs, and wants will establish the foundations of life-long individuals who not only support your business but vehemently promote it.

5.    Lean on our team of industry experts

Many of the most successful global companies can attest to how significant Kamreno’s digital marketing efforts have been for their CX journeys. Leveraging our company’s resources, knowledge and expertise will help your brand establish itself as a customer-centric organization. You will be also able to tap into our deep collection of digital professionals that are passionately dedicated to delivering on your marketing objectives.

Unpacking the nuances of your customer base and implementing these strategies takes time and insights that your own company may not have the time or ability to access. At Kamreno however, it is our agency’s lifeblood to stay on top of trends.

In the grand scheme of things, delighting customers is probably the easiest part of your marketing efforts. It’s turning them into micro-influencers who promote your company where the trouble starts. And yet, the solutions are easy. Simply get in contact with our exceptional team over at Kamreno and let them take care of all of these steps for you!

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