Why work with us?

When it comes to creating websites, we go beyond great web design. We create websites that provide value to the user and the website owner by applying proven principles in website graphics and User Experience.

Functionality, usability, accessibility, and credibility are at the heart of the framework we use to create a website that achieves the intended business goals.

What is UX prototyping?

Creating positive interactions between the user and the website is based on an information architecture that’s preceded by the analysis of expectations of the target group. This includes looking at the habits and possible ways a user moves around the website – whether that’s what they read, whether they scroll up or down the page or what they click on. Each graphic design is preceded by a service prototype (UX mock-ups). A properly designed UI (User Interface) layer of a website, that is its graphic design, is used as a tool for positive interaction with the user. Fulfilling the UX framework, we create projects aimed at evoking specific reactions in the recipient (e.g. buying a product or filling in a form).

What is a UX prototype?

It’s a UX mock-up – a clickable prototype of a website. Creating a UX prototype allows us to see and test the functionality of a website before it’s created. At this stage any changes are very easy to implement and don’t generate additional costs. Modification of an existing website often entails considerable costs, and sometimes it’s even impossible because of the need to modify elements that are already live and being used. The biggest advantage of a UX prototype is the possibility of testing the planned paths for users, i.e. we play the role of our client and check whether the path planned by us leads him/her to where we want them to go – from the moment they enter the page or subpage e.g. to a purchase or a form. If reaching the information is too difficult, or the paths are too long, then we make modifications and improve the whole process.

who is this offer FOR?

Corporate clients, media houses, software houses, interactive agencies, marketing departments. For years, we have been supporting the activities of software houses and IT departments for whom we comprehensively create the front-end layer. From website wireframes (clickable prototypes designed in Figma) to graphical interfaces designed in accordance with UX principles. We are a support and partner for companies. We always work closely with programming departments in order to offer our clients solutions that are within their technological capabilities and comply with the specifications agreed with the client. Our offer is perfect for companies that have established programming departments, but do not have experience in UI / UX and need a proven partner to help get results. We also carry out UX audits of existing websites.

What is A UX mock-up?

After analysing the technical specification of the project and goals that the website is to achieve, we create a prototype of the website in the form of clickable mock-ups. The prototype has the advantage that the client can see how the website works even before the graphic design begins. Making changes at this stage is easy and very cost effective for the project.

What ARE UX/UI graphics?

On the basis of the mock-ups, we design a graphic interface (UI – page layout with subpages) based on good practices and our knowledge of UX. At the graphic design stage we focus only on design, as the prototype defines functionality, which is very convenient and practical.

What is HTML coding?

We cut the designed graphics into html according to the specification (e.g. boostrap, sass, less). We also implement animations written in JS. We provide a complete layer of views ready to be implemented by programmers. The whole process is carried out in consultation with the client’s development department or our agency.

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