What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the adaptation of a website with the aim of the site appearing at the highest possible position in organic (free) Google search results. As well as making webite changes, various off-site activities such as external linking is required, as well as the need to build domain trust through quality and relevant content building.

At the heart of achieving a high position in Google Search lies great content, which needs to be highly relevant, good quality and engaging enough for website visitors to take an interest in. It’s also vital to skilfully use key phrases or content that provides specific answers to queries. User behaviour and how visitors react to your website also has an impact on ranking on Google. For example, factors such as how quickly they leave the page and how much time they spend on it.

Who is SEO for?

  • For any company that communicates with and acquires customers through its website. This cover a range of companies from small local businesses and niche industries through to e-commerce shops, startups, large companies and manufacturers.
  • Small and medium-sized local businesses
    SEO helps you build your reach and gives you the opportunity to attract a large number of customers without having to hire a marketing team.
  • E-commerce
    Thanks to SEO, e-commerce websites can systematically build up a group of regular customers and avoid having to use entities such as Allegro.
  • Niche, specialist industries (e.g. lawyers and bloggers)
    Those who target products and services to a narrow audience and operate regionally.
  • Start-ups and companies that enter foreign markets
    With Google Ads campaigns, companies are able to be visible almost everywhere.
  • Large companies
    Who are looking for other channels to reach new partners or scalable solutions for sales and marketing departments.


To get the best results, our solution includes a subscription-based, 12-month action plan as it requires actions that need to be consistently applied: preparing effective and relevant quality content and reacting to changes in the Google search engine algorithm.

How we optimise your website

  • We will match key phrases to the page
  • We will take care of unique content and the appropriate number of words
  • We will optimise the headings and meta data of the page
  • We will optimise page load speed
  • We will provide you with an SSL certificate
  • We will implement the link strategy
  • We will recommend and implement content


If you want to position your website to effectively generate sales, contact us.

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