What is Employer Branding and why is it so important?

Kamreno | What is Employer Branding and why is it so important?

Whenever you hear the word “branding” what exactly comes to mind? Messaging, brand awareness, company logos?

In our industry, it is incredibly easy for our minds to go straight to marketing assets whenever we hear anyone talking about branding. These consumer-focused elements are an integral part of branding but it’s not the be-all-end-all. There is another element of branding that is often neglected and it’s definitely employer branding.

Quite simply, employer branding is the reputation and public perception of your company. More specifically, it focuses on how the potential employees views your business and its values. This employee-centric viewpoint is essential as it becomes the identity of your brand.

What is employer branding?

Your employer branding communicates the values, beliefs and mission of your company. This is not only appealing to potential clients but specifically targeted at prospective employees. The aim is to showcase that your organisation is one worth joining.

Kamreno | What is Employer Branding and why is it so important?

The importance of employer branding

The reality is that the job market is continuously changing. In the same way that companies assess candidates, the same can be said for job seekers. Candidates are now looking to join renowned organisations where they feel they share common values as well as easily integrate with their company culture.

A large part of this shift is a direct result of technological advances. New platforms have emerged that now allow individuals to comment and review various companies. From interviewing processes, remuneration and company culture, nothing is off-limits on these sites. Job applicants will therefore peruse these websites before submitting an application.

By failing to recognise the importance of employer branding you risk sabotaging your company’s hiring efforts. This will make it a lot more difficult for your company to attract and retain the best applicants from the market.

Essentially, in order to be the best, you need to attract the best!

Who should be at the forefront of your employer branding efforts?

Once again, employer branding often falls victim to several problematic assumptions. Many companies believe that the responsibility of stellar employer branding lies at the desk of Human Resources. While this is not completely untrue, it fails to acknowledge the importance of a third-party company.

The reality is that it is incredibly difficult for a company to speak about itself. When you do this, errors occur including over-glorification and underrecognized aspects. You want an external party that can do a full company audit and provide you with a holistic employer branding strategy. They will help them actively strategize ways in which to favourably and authentically introduce your company to the markets.

What should be included in your employer branding?

In the same way that your marketing strategy is heavily content based, the same strategy applies to your employer branding. The plan of attack in this regard is to showcase your ideas, personality and values through a number of effective assets.

This includes the following:

1.       Long form posts, either articles or blogs showcasing greater details of the company. Topics such as the company hiring process, events, employee benefits and the work culture should be highlighted here.

2.       Video testimonials are taking over the digital landscape and it is essential that your branding efforts capitalize on this. Getting your current or former employees to submit and post a video detailing their positive experience with your company will do wonders for your public perception.

3.       Social media posts are vital as they will act as a source of knowledge for potential clients AND candidates. Ensure that while you still provide insights into your company’s offerings you also give insights into your company culture. Post photos of your employees, your working space, and employee highlights.

Ways to stay true to your employer branding narrative

It is important to note that employer branding is not a marketing ploy. It is crucial that you stay true to actually creating a holistically healthy and happy environment for your team. You can (and should) only promote that which is true.

As such, here are a few ways to improve your company culture, and in turn positively influence your employer branding.

1. Encourage employee growth and consistent training

One of the best ways to attract and retain the industry’s finest is to ensure that you provide them with opportunities to grow and learn within the company. This means offering various training opportunities in which your staff can learn new skills in order to advance in the company.

2. Get on career sites

As mentioned previously, most companies are on career sites. This is where employees can candidly discuss their experience with your brand. A lack of employer engagement on these sites reflects poorly on the company and will deter potential applicants.

3. Prioritise team building efforts

It is crucial that you also prioritise internal employer branding such as motivational activities and team building opportunities. By actively encouraging internal communication and building a stronger organizational culture you will in turn create a safe, happy and healthy environment for your staff.

It is incredibly easy to neglect employer branding in order to focus on other elements of your business, but that is not an excuse. 

This is where Kamreno comes in. 

By leveraging off of our industry insights, knowledge of the job candidate pool your journey to success starts with Kamreno.

Should you wish to find out more tap here to get in contact with our team of employer branding specialists who will instantly transform your public persona!

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