What is scent marketing all about ?

Kamreno | What is scent marketing all about ?

Most of us are bored with watching advertisements and listening to the messages they contain.

Hence, solutions connected with influencing our senses of touch, taste, or smell are used on an increasingly large scale. One of the tools of the so-called sensory marketing is scent marketing, and its application has a proven impact on sales. It may be hard for some people to believe, but well-chosen scents evoke emotions, desires and specific associations, which sink deeply and non-invasively into the memory. Thus they can not only influence sales growth, but also support the company’s image and build lasting relationships with customers.

Kamreno | What is scent marketing all about ?

It is a well-known fact that scent marketing, also known as  aroma marketing is used in grocery shops, cake shops and bakeries.

It is impossible to pass by the smell of fresh bread indifferently or refrain from buying a cake with the scent of sweet yeast in the air. Sometimes during the Christmas period, the scents of cinnamon, oranges and apples are sprayed. Shops using this method effectively increase their sales and eliminate the problem of backlogs of goods.

Flavouring devices, so far mainly used in the food industry, have started to be appreciated also in other sectors.

Already years ago, they were used by hotels and airports. A well-chosen fragrance note can reduce the tension caused by waiting in line or relax a potential customer who forgets about the hardships of everyday life.

The potential lying in scents is also appreciated by numerous pharmacies, restaurants and hotels.

A well-chosen scent can create the right atmosphere for a place. The Double Tree by Hilton welcomes all guests with a hot chocolate cake, with its aroma wafting from the very entrance.

It comes as no surprise that shops try to play on our senses, but did you know that people can be tempted by more than just the smell of food?

Some bookshops use the smell of paper. Scent marketing is also increasingly common in mobile phone showrooms and petrol stations.

Another industry actively using this way of influencing the behaviour of potential customers is the property development industry.

Among the most frequently used scents are coffee, vanilla, fresh bread, or even wood. In this way sellers want to evoke positive associations with childhood and the family home. They try to convince us that this flat or house will be perfect for us and only in this one will we be able to feel at home and build a real family atmosphere. Sounds trivial, but it really works in practice. Most of us are not so much sentimental as susceptible to associations with the family home.

Scent marketing, like any marketing tool, should be used carefully so as not to have the opposite effect to the one intended. First of all, the choice of fragrance cannot be accidental or subjective, but chosen by the designer according to the target group, the appearance of the place or the image of the company. The intensity of a fragrance and selection of a device producing it are also of importance. However, before a company decides to use aroma marketing, it should clearly define its objectives and be aware of its image.

Scent marketing seems to be an interesting trend that companies should follow. It is only a matter of time when it will become an inseparable element of company or brand identification.

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