Why marketing communication is key

Effective marketing is about knowing the marketplace and understanding customers – and marketing communication should reflect this understanding. Every campaign, script, web page, and tweet should have a purpose – something that you want the target audience to do as a result of the communication. The marketing communication in your advertising should be clear on who you are talking to, and why.

the process

Online Workshop

We start our close cooperation with our clients by hosting an online workshop, during which we get to know the company and its products and services. In the session, we discuss the market and competition dynamics, marketing challenges and goals for the business. Creating an effective strategy requires close cooperation between Kamreno and the client, which is why numerous consultations and additional workshop meetings are held to formulate the most effective strategy.

Brand philosophy: mission, vision, values (revision or development of the brand ideology)

As well as the typical marketing approach, a forward thinking company needs to demonstrate the values and philosophy that it professes. They reveal the higher purpose that the brand pursues through its actions, and they make it more welcoming to the world. A brand’s philosophy doesn’t just help customers to know what the brand is about, it helps them to associate themself and their own values with the brand. Applied correctly, a strong brand philosophy can also increase the motivation of employees and brand representatives. As part of the work we provide, an existing philosophy is revised or a new one is developed.

Brand presentation messages

One of the most commonly used tools for developing company information and mesages is the Boilerplate. It’s a short text describing the brand, its basic features and assumptions. A Boilerplate is text that’s added to press releases or as additional information in a commercial offer. This message is often used in the “about the company” section of websites and has a similar function to the elevator pitch. Typically, the text is short and conveys basic information about the company with a clear emphasis on encouraging the recipient to become interested in the brand’s services and products. It’s usually an informative introduction to a presentation, and is sometimes used in commercial offers.

Key Messaging and Keywords

Complex and detailed content is difficult to remember and understand. On an emotional level, short slogans are much more effective when used to get across key messages. Therefore, a communication strategy must include basic slogans that position the brand in a simple and easy to understand way. These include elements such as the Tagline (a slogan that complements the brand name or logo) or Claim (the main advertising slogan). Sometimes both are used.

At this stage, and in cooperation with the client, main advertising slogans are created, as well as additional ones that emphasise brand attributes and what the brand represents.

Communication style and Tone of Voice

High impact brand communication doesn’t just require content and creative advertising slogans, it also needs the right form and style in which all information about the company is built. The style used should reflect the basic assumptions of the communication strategy.

We develop a brief with guidelines on what to pay attention to, what stylistic pose to adopt and a set of types of messages and words to avoid, so that the company is positioned in accordance with the desired assumptions.

Development of a strategy document with guidelines for marketing communication of the brand.

The final stage of work is to develop a document that will serve the company as a tool for setting standards and good practices in marketing communication.


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