Sharing content we like is great. It’s a fundamental part of social media that also allows businesses to go viral with their marketing activities. Repeatedly sharing the same content does, however, have its limitations as customers tend to “switch off” or “tune out” if they don’t see enough fresh or unique content.

Before starting, our social media marketing agency develops a strategy for our clients so that their profiles achieve their business goals, e.g. to generate sales or build brand awareness.

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Social Media Platforms We Cover

Here are a few of the platforms we cover. We also provide support for Google My Business and Pinterest.


At Kamreno – a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in London, we plan Social Media communications and activities strategically to generate profits for our customers.

Why we start with THE Social Media Strategy

First of all – the strategy! To develop the strategy, our social media marketing agency first organizes online workshops during which we jointly define business objectives and guidelines for the communication strategy.

Running social media should always aim to gather a community around a brand and what its core topics are. Defining business goals allows us to define target groups and personas so that the content can be targeted effectively.

objectives WE HELP achieve

  • Building a community around the brand,
  • Creating brand ambassadors among users,
  • Increasing sales of products or services,
  • Increasing brand awareness,
  • Emotional positioning of a brand e.g. as an expert,
  • Employer branding – building employer brand awareness


Communication style and scheduling of posts

As part of the communication strategy, proposals are made and agreed with the client for topics to post about for the coming quarter, including what the style and language of communication should be. This will then serve as a reference for the style going forward. Once everything has been agreed, content is then scheduled for posting across the relevant social media channels.

Activities that are performed at this stage:

  • Developing the thematic line of posts – within the framework of the established number of posts and the objectives they are to achieve, we suggest post topics for the coming month.

  • Developing a schedule – creating a calendar with suggested post topics along with the suggested posting times.

  • Developing direct communication procedures – together with the client, we agree on communication templates for the relevant social media channels (messenger-chat) and a procedure for handling client queries.

  • Developing procedures for moderation and response in crisis situations.

Branding – developing a graphic OUTline

Based on the results of the analysis and joint arrangements with the graphic design department, the following are designed:

  • mood boards – proposal of the graphic style of the brand in social media,
  • cover photo – for the using as an avatar on FB and LinkedIn,
  • graphic template of posts – a consistent look of posts.
Conducting social media activities

Developing the communication strategy and profile design is an integral part of the activities in the first month. The next step is to implement the social media strategy and to plan and launch an advertising campaign based on the previously developed marketing and sales funnel.


We offer a convenient subscription model that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Start 40 hours / month package
  • Running one social media profile (Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin)
  • 8 posts (graphics + content)
  • 1 animation / 3D post
  • 5 professional images with Adobe Stock license
  • Moderation of comments under the posts
Standard 55 hours / month package
  • Running one social media profile
  • (Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin)
  • 12 posts (graphics + content)
  • 1 animation / 3D post / 1 video
  • 12 professional images with Adobe Stock license
  • Moderation of comments under the posts
PRO 90 hours / month package
  • Managing one social media profile (Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin)
  • 20 posts (graphics + content)
  • 2 animation / 3D post / 1 video
  • 20 professional images with Adobe Stock license
  • Moderation of comments under the posts

Create a package tailored to the needs of your business.

Contact us and we’ll tailor the number of hours to suit your needs.

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    Yes, our social media marketing agency, UK will manage every aspect of social media. We offer comprehensive services for social media.

    • Content Creation
    • Scheduling Posts
    • Responding To Comments
    • Monitoring Trends


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    Absolutely. Social media marketing significantly improves customer engagement. It is the new-age channel to connect with customers in real time. Foster meaningful connections, address queries, and build a loyal online community.

    Definitely. We are a reputed social media marketing agency in London, UK catering to a wide range of marketing services

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    We craft effective paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to boost visibility, reach, and conversions.

    In digital marketing services, we target Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other digital platforms to reach and engage customers.