UX audits

UX audit otherwise known as expert analysis is a study of the existing website leading to increase its effectiveness. It is the basis for introducing changes and improving a website according to users’ expectations. Sometimes it leads to a decision of a complete website reconstruction.


Our UX audits allow you to benefit from optimisation aimed at increasing conversion and customer acquisition. Website usability studies are carried out by internet marketing experts – who are familiar with both business problems and the behaviour and perception of users – their internet use and decision-making process.


The first stage of the audit is analysing the client’s current marketing strategy or highlighting its framework assumptions.

First of all, it is necessary to define the objectives of the company’s presence on the internet, which clients it wants to reach and which forms of advertising it uses. For example, whether a Google AdWords campaign or advanced SEO optimisation is planned.

Our questions and interviews with the client help to determine the user profile to focus on by analysing the website interface, navigation, information structure and usability tests to determine what should be done or improved on the website.

Most often UX audit is based on two effective methods in this field, data from Google Analytics and knowledge of our UX experts. The first is heuristic evaluation, which is based on the study of heuristics, i.e. rules and guidelines developed, among others, by Nielsen and Molich, which allow usability evaluation.

The second of these is cognitive walkthrough analysis, a technique in which the analyst takes on the role of the user and carries out step-by-step activities, thus examining the various processes on the website.


After the client accepts the prototype of the website, we move on to designing its graphics. We design the layout of the main page and all the necessary subpages in WEB resolution (desktop) and appearance for smartphones.


A UX audit takes into account how individual graphic elements influence user perception and behaviour. What associations and emotions they evoke and whether the style is consistent with the entire marketing concept.

The use of focus studies and similar methods is considered – as a research method – to be the most reliable, but it is connected with high costs. Our experience in the design and implementation of effective websites and services allows us to reduce costs dramatically by using our knowledge for this purpose.

Our auditing services are based on reliable knowledge and many years of practice. The analytical data obtained leads to research and tests aimed at reducing errors that affect conversion. Consequently, they open up the possibility of creating such interactions with users so that the service works according to the best standards of optimisation.


The analytical report, which is the final result of the UX audit, presents both a diagnosis of the website, which allows defining a list of elements to be improved, along with suggested changes. Their implementation depends on the priorities of particular goals defined in the company and the adopted principles of communicating with the market. At the same time, the auditing agency may but does not have to be the one to implement the changes suggested in the audit.

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